The benefits of app prototyping

20 February 2015

A lot of people find it difficult to imagine the real app from a proposed paper design. By prototyping, a working version is available early in the process. People see the real in front of them. They play with the prototype, understand how it works and identify possible improvements. All before you dive into the process of building the app and the developer spends time on it.

Make better design choices

The design of the User Interface (UI) is fundamentally about creating the most optimal way for a user to achieve their tasks. Most of the time, there are multiple ways of doing things right. To determine the best solution, you’ll have to test various ideas. Comparing several designs with each other is made easier through prototyping.

Well-thought result

Creating a high-fidelity prototype helps you – even forces you – to think through your product to a much greater degree than paper specs.

Gather good feedback on design

It’s much easier to get feedback and to run through design ideas if everyone can see and experience how things might work. The feedback you receive will be much better if people understand the intention of the product. The final result of an app that is tested in an early stage is that design, user interface and interactivity will be close to the needs of the end user.

Perform user testing early on

By prototyping you are able to perform user testing early on, instead of at the end of the project. At this stage, it is easier to correct and adjust the app, than later on towards the end of the process. This saves time.

Better quality app delivered

It is not always clear to the developer what the end user is expecting of the app. Prototyping can identify any misunderstanding and sort them out early in the process. The developer will have a clear view on the goals and will make better development choices.

Save development time

By prototyping, questions come up early in the process. This leads to a better product definition. When the developer starts coding, the app has been defined so well, that the developer exactly knows what is expected. This will shorten the total development process.

More time to prepare marketing

Working with a high-fidelity prototype gives the marketing & sales department a useful understanding of the product early in the process. This gives them enough preparation time to create prepare documentation and do their jobs properly.

Still  not convinced? Than look at it from a different point of view. Ask yourself why not? Prototyping is cheap, fast and easy. Don’t ask yourself why you should prototype. Perhaps the most apparent reason why you should prototype your app is that there’s very little reason not to!

The Banaunu app prototyping tool

Banaunu is an online tool that lets you quickly and easily create app prototypes. In just a few clicks you bring your app design to life. Create beautiful, interactive app prototypes in just a few clicks. Ready for delivering a realistic user experience. Try Banaunu for free.



Banaunu live as Beta!


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