Release Notes


Banaunu New Release, Version 2.0.1 (June 13, 2016)

We’re continuously working to improve Banaunu and are happy to announce the release of Banaunu 2.0. This new version includes the following new features that you asked us to implement. And we’re not done yet!

New in Banaunu 2.0.1:

NotesNewIssue fix
Performance improved and various issues fixed:
Fix of various issues relating to: loading pages, fit to screen, navigations, horizontal scroll page, fonts not applied properly in some cases.
Copy and paste of multiple selected elements:
It is now possible to copy multiple items and paste them anywhere in the project.
Single or Multiple selections are enabled in the layers:
It is now possible to select elements through layers. With this feature it is now easy to identify and select desired elements based on their name listed in the layers.
Single page preview
Check the single page preview icon in the page thumbnail itself and preview any page without loading the whole project.
Command key on Mac OS:
The Command key (⌘) instead of the Control key is supported for keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS.

New in Banaunu 2.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
User Interface

  • DashboardImproved user interface. The project control icons have a new look and are always visible now. Furthermore, the search and filter block has moved to the top bar.
  • Project pagesProject page navigation has moved to the right side menu. This makes it easier to navigate through the project pages.
  • Improved lay-out of the editor screenAction buttons are more noticeable, the number of options (for master page, background, grid and scroll) has increased.

  • New icons libraryWe have added an icon library, including many icons, ready to be used.
System optimization

Besides an improved user interface, we’ve also done some optimization on the back-end. Not directly visible, but definitely noticeable when working in Banaunu. For better performance of Banaunu, we’ve undertaken the following actions in the database and file & cache management:

A. Database:

  1. Indexing service for all schemas
  2. Optimization of field size
  3. Regular Database Backup scheduled weeklyDatabase backups have been scheduled on midnight of every Sunday
  4. Regular database shrinking scheduled weeklyDatabase shrinking has been scheduled on midnight of every Sunday

B. File & Cache management:

  1. Improved Cache ManagementNow, only the URL requests for those resource which are recently modified or added will be made. The rest will be requested from cache.
  2. LibraryWe’ve implemented lazy loading for all images in the library resources.
  3. DashboardWe’ve implemented lazy loading for all images on the projects list. Furthermore we’ve optimized the encryption.

New in Banaunu 1.9.4:

NotesNewIssue fix
Snap To Grid

With this option, the elements when dragged can be snapped to Grid lines for more accurate placement. When the element is snapped to any Grid line, you will see a small circular indicator with a plus (or cross) sign on the element where it is actually snapped to. The snapping point of the element will be based on TRANSFORM ORIGIN. You can enable this feature from the Grid section in the Page properties panel.

New in Banaunu 1.9.3:

NotesNewIssue fix
Element to Element Alignment

You are now able to align any element to another element, just by unchecking the check-box “Align to page”. Align to page with multiple elements selected, is also possible in this release.

Use Shift + Click to select multiple elements.

Additional Shape Types

We have added two more shape types:

  1. Line: allows you to create a straight line.
  2. Polygon: create your custom polygon with 3 to 20 sides.
Panning the work area

Getting tired of using the scroll bars to move your working area up and down or right and left? In Banaunu 1.9.3 you can pan the working area by using the Space bar. Hold down the Space bar when the pointer is over the working area and drag it to the desired position. No more scrolling is needed!

New in Banaunu 1.9.2:

NotesNewIssue fix
Group & ungroup with Multi Selection feature

Grouping elements can be quite handy. For instance when you want to move or rotate a number of elements at once, without affecting their relative positions. The new multi selection feature of Banaunu allows you to manage elements by grouping and ungrouping. You can combine several elements into a group so that the elements are treated as a single unit.

Groups appear with their name in the Layers panel, without showing the list of elements inside them. To access or edit the elements inside group, just double click that Group. Once you are inside the Group, only the elements belong to that Group are editable and appear in the Layers panel. To exit the Group, double click the area outside or click on the page title located at top bar.


  • Shift + Click to select the multiple elements
  • Ctrl + G to group the selected elements
  • Ctrl + Shift + G to ungroup the Group element
Issue Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  1. The issue with YouTube video, which was continuously playing even after changing the page, is fixed.
  2. Actions “Play Video” and “Stop Video” + Events “On Video End” are now allowed for YouTube video.
  3. One minor issue with Audio Player, is fixed.

New in Banaunu 1.9.1:

NotesNewIssue fix
Tiled background image

We’ve added a new feature called  “Tile”, which allows you to add a tiled background image to your page. When adding a background image to your page, you find this new option below “Fill Screen” in the Page properties panel.

Reload Preview Project

In the preview section we have added a “Reload Preview” button. Now you can reload your preview as many times as you want without having to close the preview section.

Quick shortcut to display only one layer element

When you’ve got multiple layers, and just want to display one, now there is an easy way to do that. Go to the layers panel on the right side of your screen and Alt-click the eye icon of the layer that you want to keep. This action will hide all layers except for the one you clicked on. Alt-clicking again on the eye column will make all the layer elements visible again.

Performance optimization

Last but not least, we have optimized preloading and undo techniques. Also we have fixed many minor bugs/issues for a better performance.

New in Banaunu 1.9.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
YouTube Video

Now it’s possible to add YouTube videos to your Banaunu project. Just drag the Video element to the work area. Then you will see the button “USE YOUTUBE VIDEO” in the Video Library panel. Clicking on that button will take you to the properties panel. Enter the full URL of your YouTube Video and you’re done. It’s that easy!

Examples YouTube URL;


You can set the following parameters for your YouTube video:

– Show Controls: This indicates whether the video player controls are displayed.

– Show Info: This activates showing information like Video Title and Uploader before the video starts playing.

Please note: To use your own video, you can select the Custom type.


More Short-Cut Key Commands

Having Shortcut keys is always a handy and easy experience. Keeping this in mind we have added the following standard Shortcut Key Commands in this release:

– Save: CTRL+S

– Copy: CTRL + C

– Paste: CTRL + V

– Use the DELETE key of your keyboard to delete objects / elements

Furthermore, you can copy and paste object and elements from one page to other pages. When using the CTRL + SHIFT + V keys the elements will be pasted on the same position.



New in Banaunu 1.8.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Horizontal & vertical page scrolling

We are happy to introduce the new “Page Scroll” feature to you. You are now able to create a vertical or horizontal page scroll by just defining the page length. You’ll find the following “Scroll” options in the ‘Page properties’ panel:

1. None / Width / Height: Selecting “Width” or “Height” will activate the Scroll feature. To make the page scroll horizontally, you can set the Width of the page larger than the width of the screen (project size). Similarly, to make the page scroll vertically, you can set the Height of the page, larger than the height of the screen (project size). If you don’t want any scrolling, just select “None”.

2. Scroll Background Image: Enabling this option allows you to set (fit or fill) the background image to fully scroll the page instead of only the screen area. When activated, you’ll scroll the background image along with scrolling the page. By default, the background image is set to fit or fill within the screen area.

3. Scrollbar Theme: You can select either a light or a dark scrollbar theme, that appears when scrolling the page.


New in Banaunu 1.7.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Improved Align To Page:

Every time you select an element, a separate draggable panel appears with the following new align options:

Align Left Edge: Allows you to align the selected element to the left side of the page.

Align Horizontal Center: Allows you to align the selected element to the center of the page horizontally.

Align Right Edge: Allows you to align the selected element to the right side of the page.

Align Top Edge: Allows you to align the selected element to the top of the page.

Align Vertical Center: Allows you to align the selected element to the center of the page vertically.

Align Bottom Edge: Allows you to align the selected element to the bottom of the page.

Note: We have replaced the previous “Align to Page” option in the property panel with this improved version.

New Animation Option – Zoom:

We have added a new animation option called “Zoom” for both “Initial Animation” and “Animate Action”. This option will basically animate the element by scaling it based on the “Transform Origin” set which you can find in the property panel.

Note: The value 100 is the actual size (as 100%).

Transform Origin:

The “Transform Origin” property lets you modify the origin for transformations (Scaling / Rotation / Positioning). It is similar to the Anchor or Registration Point concept in many of the designing tools. By default, the transform origin is set to top left.

Example: If you want to transform (scale or zoom) an element from its center, you can set the transform origin by clicking the point in the center.

transform-origin   example-transform-origin



New in Banaunu 1.6.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Master Page:

We are happy to introduce “Master Page” to you. Master page enables you to give an overall lay-out to each page, without having to format each individual page.

For example:  If you have standard menu and you want to include it in all the pages in the project, then the master page will come handy to you. You just need to create menu part in master page and assign that master page to different pages wherever you like. No need to duplicate anything anymore. It’s that easy!

You can create more than one master page but you can only assign one master page per normal page for now. Master pages that you will create won’t be visible as normal navigable pages until you assign it to a normal page.

How do I create a Master page?

You can find a new tab or section called “Master Pages” next to the “Pages” in the Project page. Then click on the “Add Master Page” button to create the Master page. The rest is very similar to the normal pages.

 How to assign a Master page to a normal page?

In he page editor, you can find the dropdown menu for “MASTER PAGE” in the Page properties panel. You can select/assign any Master page that you have created, from the list.

Poster Image for Video:

We have added an additional option for Video elements. It’s called Poster Image. It’s a small but nice feature. Now you can set your own Poster Image for a Video by choosing any image from the Video properties panel.


New in Banaunu 1.5.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Advance Text Editor: Now you have more options to edit and format the text with the following advanced features:

1. Strikethrough

2. Superscript and Subscript

3. Highlight Color

4. Indent

5. Bullet List

6. Insert Link

Just click on “Advanced” button to access these new features!

New in Banaunu 1.4.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Adjustable font in buttons:

You can now change the font type and font size of your button label. You can find this feature in the Style properties panel.

Additional options for background images:

We have introduced 3 new options for background images:

Fit to Screen:

The background image fits to the screen area.

Fill Screen:

The background image fills in the screen.


The background image can be aligned on the basis of its coverage in the screen.

Options are: Center (Default), Top, Bottom, Left and Right.

Improved FADE animation:

Now it’s possible to customize the fade value as much as you want to. Fade In or Fade Out has merged to just “Fade”, so that you can change the value (from 0 to 100 OR 100 to 0) as per your requirement.


New in Banaunu 1.3.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Line spacing for text

We’ve improved the Text Editing tool, making it easier to manage line height and line spacing. Just go the Text Editing tool and select the Line Height property.

You can manage the line height and the line spacing by selecting listed pixel values from the drop down menu OR by using the + / – keys to increase or decrease the spacing.

Option to lock elements

This is a really nice new feature, highly demanded for by our users! With the Lock Option for elements you can lock the properties you once set per element. By locking you can make sure that the properties you once set will not be altered by mistake. You can acces the Lock Elements function from the Layers panel at the right side of your screen.

Color swatches

We have added a Color Swatches function with pre-defined colors. It is also possibe to add your own custom colors. There’s no limit, you can add as many custom colors as you like!

Page Transition Option

The action “Go to Page” has been extended with 6 new transition types. Currently, the following transition types are available:

1. Default: the target page will appear sliding in horizontally or vertically. This depends on the “Page Slide Orientation” that you set on the Project page.

2. None: the target page will immediately appear without any transition. This option replaces the check box “Show without slide transition”.

3. Slide From Top: the target page will appear sliding in from the top.

4. Slide From Bottom: the target page will appear sliding in from the bottom.

5. Slide From Left: the target page will appear sliding in from the left.

6. Slide From Right: the target page will appear sliding in from the right.

Search and order feature

We have added functionality to search and sort items on the project dashboard, the templates section and the My Library section. This new feature will save you time as finding items and projects has become easier now.

Instant Commenting feature in shared projects

The commenting feature on shared projects has been improved. When two or more persons are viewing the shared project at the same time a chat function will be activated. This means you can instantly reply to comments on the shared project.

You can access the comments box by opening the link to the shared project and clicking on the arrow at the right side of the screen.

Easy access to properties panel

Access to the properties panel has become easier. Just double click an element and the properties panel will appear.

New in Banaunu 1.2.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Font size in pixels

Now the font size in Banaunu can be set in pixels to any required size. You can change the font size by directly selecting the size from the list or by using the +/- icon.

Undo function

We’ve implemented an Undo feature for visible changes on the screen. This was highly demanded by our users. Simply use the shortcut CTRL+Z keys on your keyboard to Undo your recent visible changes.

Upload own fonts (WOFF)

It is possible to upload your own font in Banuanu now. Only WOFF (Web Open Font Format) is supported. You can upload your font from the Text Properties Panel or into your own library. The uploaded font will be visible in the Text Edit Tool under User Library Fonts.

New delay feature for animations

This nice feature allows you to set a time to start your animation. For example: If you have two animations in your project and you want them to appear in different time frames, you can easily set a delay time in the Animation Properties. For example – you can set Animation 1 to start with a delay of 2 seconds and Animation 2 with a delay of 4 seconds. That means two different objects can appear with a different timing.

Update Items in Library

No need to manually update items (image / video / audio / font)used in your project anymore when they’ve changed. From now on, this will be automatically done from the library. Just overwrite the old item with the new one. The updated item will directly show into your project.

Move of elements by using arrow keys (keyboard)

Moving objects has become more accurate with the use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the Left, Right, Up and Down key to move your object pixel by pixel. By pressing the Shift Key together with the Arrows Keys the object will move with 10 pixels.


New in Banaunu 1.1.0:

NotesNewIssue fix
Grid Guidelines

In Banaunu 1.1.0. it’s possible to set grids for proper guidelines. This makes the positioning of elements much easier. You can choose to show or hide the grid, or to set the grid for specific pages or for all pages. Easily set the number of rows and columns as per your requirement. The color settings of the grid lines can be customized as well. The Grid Guidelines feature is accessible from the Page Properties tool in the right panel of the Banaunu editor. We hope you will enjoy!

Click Here to view How to use Grid in Banaunu Tutorial.

Google Fonts

Over 30 Google Fonts are added to the Text Tool. Altogether, 50 different font types are available now in Banaunu. We keep on working on this feature, allowing you to add your own fonts and extend the  functionality of the Text Tool.

Template presets 

It has become easier to work with pre-defined templates in Banaunu. The new templates are accessible from the Banaunu Dashboard. Simply select your desired template, add it to your project dashboard and start replacing the content with your own. In a few clicks you will have your working prototype ready. We’ll keep on adding Templates in order to get your project up and running fast!

Issue Fix replacing images

Replacing an image caused the new image size settings to go into default. We have changed that. Now if you replace an image, the size proportions of the new image will be similar to the proportions of the previous image. We hope this makes working in Banaunu even more easy!



You might miss stuff, functionality or have other wishes. Please let us know by sending us an email. We surely will look into this and keep you posted!