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Bring your e-learning content to life! Transform your static learning materials into an interactive experience

Engage your audience

Create engaging interactive e-learning material that captures the attention of your audience. Transform your static content into a real experience.

Designed for simplicity

Creating interactive e-learning material has never been easier. Simply upload your designs. The clean, intuitive drag-and-drop interface helps you easily create awesome publications.

What are you going to create?

It’s up to you. You’re only limited by the boundaries of your creativity. Let’s get started right now!

“The extensive possibilities Banaunu offers are great."

Nice photography, beautiful design and a good balance between text, animation and video. One glance at the digital recipe book that Foodstijl created in Banaunu and you can’t wait to start cooking and enjoying your delicious food! READ MORE >

How do our customers experience Banaunu?


Banaunu is a great tool!

Banaunu enables us to create interactive design mock-ups in a fast and efficient way. Our clients can easily click through the designs and experience it. This helps us better sell our ideas. We are very happy with it!

Sieger Miedema



Powerful publication tool

“Banaunu makes it easy to create any digital publication. Magazines, banner ads, interactive cards, catalogues, app prototypes, landing pages, etc. All without writing any code. The options are countless!”

Sharan Maharjan



Extensive design possibilities

“The extensive possibilities that Banaunu offers are great. It’s a perfect tool for creating interactive POS material”

Hans Fillekes


It’s easy to create interactive reports

“With Banaunu we easily create interactive reports for use on the iPad. It’s an efficient tool!”

Harm Geels



Samples Made in Banaunu
Banaunu Banner
By: Banaunu Team
Children Audiobook Animations
By: Banaunu Team
Annual Report
By: Banaunu Team
Website Scrollable
Luxury Interior Design
By: Banaunu Team
Wander Tales – Articles Stories
By: Banaunu Team
Let’s Create
By: Banaunu Team
By: Banaunu Team
Mero App
By: Banaunu Team


Banaunu is a great tool for creative professionals to create interactive designs, share it with others and download it in HTML5. For creating great interactive experiences! Banaunu is a product of Grafi Offshore BV, a media production company with offices in the Netherlands (Willemstad & Haarlem) and Nepal (Kathmandu).

Create, Share, Publish

When we started this, we were not primarily thinking about creating HTML5 products. We were thinking of creative professionals that generate great ideas and great designs. We were thinking how we could make life of designers easier.We believe in Banaunu as a tool that helps creating digital magazines, banner ads, interactive cards, interactive prototypes, websites and more. That helps designers transform a flat design into a real user experience.But creating is just one part of it. Great designs deserve to be seen. So Banaunu allows to share designs and get feedback from others. Once you’re happy with the interactive design, you can download the complete HTML5 code and publish it on any device.

How does it work?

  • Define the UI specifications of your design
  • Upload your design
  • Start adding interactivity
  • Save and share
  • Publish on any device
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