Digital recipe book created in Banaunu


Food marketing company Foodstijl, based in Willemstad (the Netherlands), helps organizations in the foods industry to effectively market their products. For one of their clients they created a very nice recipe book in  Banaunu.

Digital recipe book

In order to promote the products of an international supplier of bakery products, Foodstijl designed and created a digital recipe book. Different versions have been created, for distribution in several countries. For each version, the design follows a standard grid, but the content differs from country to country. Per country the book contains 20 to 25 local recipes, a country specific call to action and a unique landing page.

An attractive result

Foodstijl has succeeded very well in creating an attractive, interactive publication. The recipe book reflects the right mixture of beautiful photography, useful content, instruction videos and animation. One thing is for sure: a quick glance at the book surely whets your appetite!

“The extensive possibilities Banaunu offers are great”

Foodstijl is quite satisfied with Banaunu. “The extensive possibilities Banaunu offers are great”, says Hans Fillekes of Foodstijl. Furthermore, we’re very happy with the way our feedback was taken seriously. The HTML5 download option is great. This allowed us to export the recipe book as HTML5 file and use on local servers or on offline devices. The quality of the internet connections differ per country. In countries with poor online performance, we could run the recipe book on local servers, which improved the speed. Furthermore, our sales representatives installed the recipe book offline on their devices to show it to their clients. Independent of internet connection.“

POS material and more

“The creation of a digital recipe book just is the beginning! Banaunu is the perfect tool for creating Point of Sale (POS) material, for exhibitions, etc. It’s much easier to make a publication in Banaunu than creating a customized video. And by using touch screen, the result is beautiful interactive communication material!”